Demo Reel Dash

Skill Level: Advanced

Type: 4 Week Intensive

About This Course 

Whether you are looking to prove your skills, pivot to a new job title, or promote a new project – School of Motion's Creative Director, Ryan Summers, will teach you how to make and market your own brand of magic.

He'll teach you how to create a Demo Reel and get it into the hands of the audience that can help you take the next step in your career. By the end of this course you'll understand how to develop your own personal storyline, organize and rank your work, edit picture to sound to create a Reel aligned with your career goals, and develop a Launch Campaign built around Positioning, Branding and Marketing custom-built to your needs. Your training will consist of:

  • Video Lessons

  • Project Files

  • Exercises

  • Detailed Critiques

  • Weekly Updates

  • Course Podcasts

  • PDF Guides

  • A Private Student Group

Am I ready to take this course?

If you have 20 seconds or more of work that can be compiled into a sequence, you’re ready.

This course will help you assemble a Reel that can be maintained for the entirety of your career, as well as identify what personal work you can create in the future to ensure your reel is aligned to your career goals.

Instructor - Ryan Summers

Type Lover. Pixel Peeper. Light Bender. Pencil Pusher. Curve Operator. Throw in Root Beer Aficionado, Hockey Fanatic, and International Man of Art & Science, and you’ve got the general idea of Ryan Summers. He’s worked with the likes of Guillermo Del Toro and JJ Abrams, and is currently a Creative Director at School of Motion where he teaches students to design and animate for the wild world of motion design. He’s just as likely to talk your ear off about the Scientific Method as a Design Lifestyle™ as debate why there is no further-refined pop music than the unreleased B-sides of early Oasis. Please approach with caution, high fives, and a firm handshake. He will not bite.

Schedule and Course Length

4 Weeks of Demo Reel Dash

Week 1: To the Stars - Lessons and assignments

Week 2: All Killer No Filler - Lessons and assignments

Week 3: The Big Finish - Lessons and assignments

Week 4: Extended Critique Week (no new lessons or assignments)

Required Software 

The class will be taught with Adobe Premiere, but any editing software can be used – even After Effects, while not primarily used as editing software, could be used to complete a demo reel.