Extended Critique Program

In response to alumni requests we've launched a new pilot program that offers additional time to gain feedback from a Teaching Assistant and earn a Course Credential.

One of the biggest advantages of a School of Motion course is the professional feedback from our Teaching Assistants. Sometimes life can get in the way of completing all your assignments in the allotted time, but that shouldn’t keep you from the full School of Motion experience. That’s why we’re launching an exciting new pilot program: Extended Critiques. 
We’re launching this program to help our community continue to improve their skills, gain confidence, and have the time and space to finish what they’ve started. If you weren’t able to finish your projects, or needed a few more percentage points to earn a credential, this program is just the thing you need! Try out new techniques, take bigger swings, and gain new feedback from a trained professional.
In Extended Critiques, you will:
  • Gain access to a new homework locker
  • Be assigned a teaching assistant
  • Receive feedback after 3 business days for each uploaded assignment, including multiple versions 
  • Earn a Course Credential when you upload 70% or more of the coursework

You must be an alumni of the original course in order to enroll into the appropriate Extended Critique Course. This course type does not include a designated classroom, however as an alum you have access to the Community Critique Room in The Square. You are welcomed to share your progress there. The TA you are assigned in an Extended Critique Course may be a different TA than the one you had in your original course.

The Extended Critique Course is a stripped down version of the original and is basically offering a new homework locker to upload your previous and newly completed coursework. You will have to reference your course material from the original session you enrolled in. 

If you are an alum interested in additional TA feedback or earning a Course Credential, feel free to email our Support team via Support@SchoolofMotion.com.