Level Up - Studio Owner

What’s it like?

As as Studio Owner, you are transitioning from an “on-the-box” creative journey and into one that focuses on team leadership, client development, and project management. Very few artists have the formal training to actively run a business but many of your skills developed in motion design will serve you well as you make the big decisions for your team.

Understanding and collaborating with your Producer and Creative Director to develop client pitches and plan production and delivery is informed by your time working on animation and design projects. Your years of experience working staff and freelance will inform your decisions on company culture, infrastructure, and employee job titles and hierarchy of responsibilities.

While you may not actively contribute day-to-day on animation and design duties, your ability to see the big picture will be a resource for your team. Your curiosity and interests will drive which projects you chase after and what new techniques and technology the team will explore.

Podcasts with Studio Owners

Owning a studio comes with its own rewards and challenges. Here are some interviews that we’ve done with different studio owners on the School of Motion podcast.

Need To Know Skills

To start your career as a Studio Owner you’ll need have a deep understanding of the following.

  • Production Workflow: Understanding how to budget, plan, schedule, and manage a project from bid to final render.
  • Positioning, Branding, and Marketing: You are great at telling other’s stories, but how about your own? How do you tell people what you do and why you’re the perfect artist or studio to solve their problems?

Additional Skills

In addition to the skills above, you may want to sharpen your skills in either of the following areas:

  • Design Fundamentals: As a Studio Owner with a background in animation, fortifying your design skills will help you as you develop the positioning, branding, and marketing of your studio while raising your awareness of trends and tastes within design.
  • Advanced 3D Workflow: As a Studio Owner with a background in design, strengthening your understanding of 3D production workflows will help you understand the requirements and capabilities of your production team, allowing you to better understand how to take advantage of 3D tools in your pitch and design work.

What Course should I take?

Start Your Journey

  • Explainer Camp: Understand the process of taking a fully-realized piece from bid to final render and delivery to client as well as you understand tools like Photoshop and Illustrator.

Grow Your Skills

  • Design Bootcamp: Push your use of Design Fundamentals through deliberate and demanding exercises patterned after real-world assignments built to push your Photoshop and Illustrator skills into storyboarding and styleframing.

Level Up!

Not sure where to go next? Check out our free Level Up! course for more information on where you can go in your Motion Design Career.

Not Ready Yet?

If you’re looking to explore what comes before this level in your career check out these options that you can build on to reach this level: