Lights, Camera, Render!

Master cinematic concepts and learn the techniques that go into creating amazing renders in this advanced 3D cinematography course taught by everyone's favorite Octane artist, David Ariew.

Master Cinematic 3D Concepts

Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Type: 8 Week Intensive

About This Course 

If you don’t know how to light a scene properly or if you can’t create a dynamic composition, direct purposeful camera moves, or tell a compelling story - the render engine you use won’t matter. Because it’s not about how good the render engine is, it’s about how good the artist is! Lights, Camera, Render will show you how to unlock the ability to create a beautiful render, everytime. Teaching concepts like lighting, camera movement, and how to develop your eye to think more like a digital director of photography.


If you have two or more years using Cinema 4D and have used Octane in the past or have taken Cinema 4D Ascent, you’re ready for this course!


Since this is an advanced course, students will need to have their own license of Cinema 4D and Octane Render to take this course. You can download a free demo of Octane that has no limitations other than rendering with a watermark.

Schedule and Course Length

Week 1: Orientation

Week 2: Composition Techniques

Week 3: Lighting & Texturing

Week 4: Focus Week

Week 5: Camera Moves

Week 6: Create Your Own Short Film

Week 7 & 8: Extended Critique

Instructor - David Ariew

David Ariew started his career between the intersection of the music and film industries, where he spent three years working on touring visuals for Dave Matthews Band. Around that time was also where he first discovered his love of C4D, and more importantly, Octane Render. Since then he’s been lovingly dubbed Octane Jesus by the mograph community and has gone on to work on projects for top artists like Katy Perry, Deadmau5, Zedd, Keith Urban, and Excision, as well as companies like Intel, Magic Leap, KFC, and iHeartRadio.


  • 15-20 hours per week
  • 9 assignments (typically assigned on Mondays and Thursdays with soft deadlines the next day)

Required Software 

  • Cinema 4D & Octane Render

  • You must have a computer that can run Octane. It’s highly recommended you check out the Otoy site to see their Octane Render hardware recommendations.

  • Do I need a computer that can run Octane?

    • Yes! Software and hardware considerations is a big key for this course as it utilizes software that cannot be run without certain hardware. As of right now, if you have a Mac running an AMD GPU - you are not able to use Octane Render - unless you have a newer Mac with supported AMD cards that can run Octane X. You’ll need a decent computer to be able to keep up with this course as you’ll be learning advanced production techniques that will result in render intensive and resource demanding projects. This course is taught using Octane Render so to get the most out of this course you should be using Octane.

  • Can I take this course using a different render engine?

    • Yes, but there are some things you’ll want to consider. During the course we focus on fundamental concepts that can be applied universally to other render engines similar to Octane. If you are very comfortable in another render engine and feel that you have the technical know-how to troubleshoot and translate the concepts being taught you can take this course with another render engine. Please note that if you do choose to use a render engine other than Octane it may limit the technical and troubleshooting feedback that you will receive from your TA as they may not be as familiar with the render engine of your choosing. You would also need to retexture all project files included in the course to be used in the render engine of your choice.


$797 or 3 payments of $238 ($849 total). Click here to view the next open enrollment.